Presidency: Buni- Back To Ogbolafor Political Rhetoric

By Stephen Ubanna

 When Vincent Ogbilafor, a one-time minister of Economic matters , during  the regime erstwhile  President Olusegun Obasanjo  and who incidentally was also the Chairman of the Opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, boasted that the then ruling party, will rule Nigeria, for 60 years in 2015.

Ogbolafor, may have been carried away because of the party large size, compared to any other  party  in Sub-Sahara Africa and its 16 years of uninterrupted  rule in the country. He got it wrong. This is because Nigerians were yearning for a change in government through the ballot box because of the apparent Collapse  of the economy and the inability of the party  seen itself  to fix the power sector. The then Opposition APC, may have seen itself as an alternative party  waiting  in the wings to take over the government.

Ogbolafor: Boasted That PDP, Will Rule Nigeria For 60yrs

The Opportunity came arty during  the country’s Presidential election in 2015. The APC,  which  was  the then Opposition may have done its  homework  that it warm itself  to the heart of the people that they were  ready to support it to vote out the then President Goodluck Jonathan of the PDP.

 It was not surprising why President Muhammadu Buhari, a retired army General, into won the 2015, Presidential election and repeated the same feat in 2019 elections. Atiku Abubakar,  a former Vice President and the party Candidate in the Presidential election  cried out that he was  rigged out and mobilized his Lawyers to  head to Court but that was how far he could go.   Bala Mohammed, a Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria and now governor of Bauchi state north east Nigeria, may have alluded to this recently when  he  said that the 2019, Presidential election was manipulated in favour of the APC.

Buni: Governor Of Yobe State And Acting National Chairman, APC

History appear  to be repeated as  Mai Mala Buni, the governor of  the north east state of Yobe and acting Chairman of the APC, had said that the party will rule for an interrupted 32 years. The Yobe state governor had said at the party recent Extra- Ordinary meeting in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, that the party is working towards retaining power for   at least 32 years’’ to Consolidate on the delivery of the dividends of democracy, described by the PDP as insecurity and hunger.  He may have exposed how the party intends to achieve the dream by  revealing  that ‘’the strategy and Contract Committee, which according to its Constitution has a responsibility   of making the ruling APC, a strong party that will stand the test of time have been given the mandate to ensure that the party rule the country for an  uninterrupted  32 years. 

 But the Opposition PDP, may have cashed in on the  country’s security Challenges which have  been made worse with the emergence of the Islamic State Of West Africa, ISWAP, a splinter group of the Islamic Fundamentalist group, Boko Haram, which Bashir Magashi, a retired army General and minister of Defence had said  had been involved in attacking troops and military bases in Borno and Yobe states, particular, two states , in the  north east Geo-political region to turn the heart of Nigerians against the party in 2023 and beyond.

 Th emergence of the armed bandits in the north west states of Zamfara, Katsina, Buhari home state and Kaduna  as  well as the uncontrolled use of sophisticated weapons  like AK, 47,  by suspected Herdsmen to allegedly to guard their Cattles in the forest which  had been turned against Innocent citizens in order to ask   for ransom, like the Boko Haram and ISWAP, fighters who have been involved in Kidnapping over the years, may have given the Opposition PDP, the ammunition to scuttle the party plan to rule the country for an uninterrupted 36 years.The recent attack on Samuel Lorarer Ortom, a former minister of Trade and Industries, during the Administration of ex- President Jonathan , by  suspected arms herdsmen  at Tyo Mu, along Makurdi-Gboko road on his way to his farm, in the state speaks volume.

The incident may have been an Opportunity the Opposition PDP may have  actually waiting for to  launch  the final death blow on the APC, in the country. The Katsina born Nigerian President may have known that the planned attack on Ortom, the noth central state governor, was a bad advertisement to the party that may affect its fortune in the country’s elections in the future, that he cautioned against the politicization of the incident. , had cashed in on the attack on the Benue governor to take the Katsina state born Nigerian President and the APC, to the cleaners, forcing the Nigerian President to warn that that no one should  politicise into the attack on the governor.

Mailafa: A former CBN, Deputy Governor

Despite the warning to Nigerians not to politicize the attack on Orton by suspected herdsmen,    Obadiah Mailafia, a former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, may have further prepared the ground  for Nigerians to reject the APC, in future elections in the country. The CBN, former deputy governor  had told those that cares to listen that the last six years of the APC, rule, had turned out to be the worst in the history of Nigeria, an indication that the remaining two years of the Administration may not be different because of ‘’the killings and destructions everywhere’’. He had said that  ,’’if the governor of a state, with all the security details, citing Benue,  cannot  feel safe  to go to his farm, how will the ordinary  people who have no access to security operatives to watch over them  feel going to their farms, an indication that security of the country of the country have collapsed.

Appearing on Channels Television recently, he had said that the country’s security Challenges had been worsened because ‘’ certain forces empower some people from a part of the country with heavy weapons  which they carry   into the forests and the ancient Savanah to kill and rape women’’.

 Mailafa, had alluded to the fact that the world powers, particularly, the British were the architect of the Nigerian security problem. They were said to have  created on the impression the ‘’Fulanis were born to rule’’.  Even, Obasanjo, a former Nigerian President had made reference to this born to rule agenda in the past of the Fulanis, that they had  held tenaciously to it.

Many believe that the Nigerian President had not helped matters in his lopsided appointments which favour, the seven north west states of Sokoto, Kebbi, Zamfara, Kano, Jigawa, Kaduna and Katsina, which the Opposition     PDP, is using to work against the ruling APC.  But Ahmed Bola Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos state and National Leader, of APC, who need the support of the retired army General may not have seen any wrong in Buhari style of Administration that he had made a personal donation of N50million  to victims of the  Katsina and Zamfara Central  market fire when he could not make donation  to other victims of fire disaster in other parts of the country , including  states in the south west, his own region, in the recent time.       

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