Borno: Zulum’s Emotional Burst, There Are No BokoHaram Fighters At Baga Town But Military Sabotage

 By Suleiman Umaru

  The last may not have been heard about  the suspected  BokoHaram attack on the convoy of the Borno state government officials on Friday, September25, 2020  along the Maiduguri – Baga route journeying to the Baga town to join Babagana Zulum, a Professor and the state governor  and the attack on the governor’s convoy as well, which occurred  on Saturday, September 26, 2020 at the notorious Kochara axis, about 5Kms to the Multi-national Joint Task Force, MNJTF, Camp in the Borno fishing Community.

Appearing on the  Channel’s Television recently, Dennis Amakiri, a former Deputy Director, Department of State Security, DSS, said Zulum, who is the Chief Security Officer of the north east state had  been  warned repeatedly  against taking a trip  to Baga town because of intelligence gathering which shows  that the Maiduguri- Baga  route  I wasnot safe .

 The former DDSS, Deputy Director had said that the governor may have   ignored    warnings and ventured out which exposed him  and his convoy to danger as his convoys were attacked twice, within 48 hours on the same  route.

Given an insider information , Amakiri, the DSS, ex-Deputy Director  had said  that’’ there are processes which must be followed in security circles in Nigeria  before a very important personality, VIP,  particular, the President and Commander- In-Chief of the Armed Forces, governors, ministers, Commissioners or other top government officials to move out to avoid exposing them to danger.

 He had said  that if such processes had been   duly   followed , the Borno state government officials and the  governor’s convoys  including the masses operating  security officials  by sharing  intelligence  to avert  an impending  tragedy,  the Insurgents  could not have succeeded in carrying out their ambush  attacks that led to the death of about 20 security Operatives. The  suspected  BokoHaram attackers were said to have  disappeared into thin air without any trace of them anywhere, fueling speculations that they had an insider who as giving them information about the governor and the state government officials movement out of Baga town.

Lt. Gen. Tukur Buratai: CAS

Worried by the multiple  attacks along  the Maiduguri-Baga route and the Kochara location  which is about 5Kms to the MNJTF, Camp, in spite of the fact that there are about  1,181,  soldiers  stationed in the Baga town, 900 other  heavily armed soldiers in Munguno town, 72 senior  officers ,107 and  an additional  400  ,soldiers  at mile 4,   to ensure the  ease  takeover of the  Baga fishing Community.  They   had  failed justify government Confidence in  them in the prosecution of the Counter-Insurgency war in the  Hheartland Borno which  clearly shows, according security experts  that there were people who  were really  out to sabotage President Muhammadu Buhari good intentions to end the  Insurgency in  Adamawa, Borno and Yobe states.

In his  emotional outburst, following the attack on his convoy despite being escorted  out of the Baga fishing  town by soldiers  last Saturday, Zulum  had  lost hope of the Nigeria  military   reclaiming  the  Baga  town.  An aggrieved Borno  state governor had   declared in no unmistakable terms that ‘’the presence of the large number of  troops in the Baga fishing Community  over the  last two years had not made any impact  as there  are no concrete  plans of  effectively controlling the f town, describing ’’as  a shame and un unacceptable’’. 

Zulum, the Borno state governor may have  exposed the soldiers racketeering when he said that the problem of prosecuting the counter insurgency war in the north east should  not be blamed  on the Katsina state born Nigerian President  or Tukur Buratai, a Lt. General and Chief of Army Staff,  but on the Command and Control structure of the Military ,  which is  nothing ’’to write home about’’.

Given the billions of naira that had been spent by the Buhari led All Progressive Congress , APC, government  over the last five years to prosecute Counter-Insurgency war and the billions of naira that had been  spent  by the Borno  state government  in the reconstruction and restructuring of the Baga town  to facilitate the  resettlement  the people in their  lost home , which was actualised on Thursday, September 24, 2020, the governor had vowed  to contact  Buratai, the Chief of Army Staff, who incidentally is an indigene of the war thorn  state  to deploy the soldiers at Baga town , Mile 4, Munguno and its environs  to other places where they could be more useful.

 . The governor who could not hide his feelings had made it clear to those that cares to listen  that  ‘’there is sabotage  in the system by the moles  who will not allow the insurgency  to end in the north east because of their pecuniary gains, insisting that ‘’there is need for the Military High Command  to rejig the Command structure and in order to inject fresh hands to strengthen the Counter-Insurgency operations. The governor’s emotional outburst confirms what  late Alex Badeh, a General  and Chief of Defense Staff said at Mubi Adamawa state,, in 2014, that there are fifth Columnists in the military  who divulge official security information and Operational plans of the military and movement of top security officials and  government officials to the terrorist sect.

 The Professor turned Politician had said that going by the ambush and attack on his convoys in the recent time shows  that the  moles at the Commands will stop at nothing to do  everything within their capacity to frustrate the government efforts in ending the crisis in the north east, particular, Borno stat ’, stressing ‘’that Buhari needs to be know the truth’’, an indications that the  Commanders may not  have not been presenting the true situation of things  in Borno state, to Buratai, the CAS.  

Sounding tough, the north eastern state of Borno  governor,  may have sent a signal to the  soldiers stationed  at the Baga town, Mile 4 and Munguno town, who are involved in prosecuting the Counter-Insurgency war in the state that they still have time to clear the  remnants of the Boko Haram  fighters who are still causing trouble in the Baga  fishing Community  in their hide out in the bushes  around the town and its environs.

There are indications that the  governor who is losing his patience with the security Operatives   had concluded arrangements  to engage the hunters , Civilian Joint Task Force, CJTF, Operatives, and the  Vigilante  groups in the state to chase out the Insurgents from the Baga town  and make it safe for the indigenes who had returned  home to live and restore normal business and tax Administration in the Kukawa local Local government Area of the state..

Recall that the  Military  Authorities who still want to remain  in the good books of the retired Army General  had described  the Borno state governor’s  claims of  sabotage theories in the lingering crisis  in the north east  as ‘’unfounded’’.

The retired Army General  may be right when he said some five years ago, that the Abubakar Shekau, led BokoHaram  had been technically defeated as they remained a force  only on  in its  heartland of Borno state as they could no longer   mount conventional  attacks against the t military. This may have informed why they have been resorted  to laying ambush on the military or convoys of government Functionaries to further put fear on the people of the state that they are still a force to be reckoned with.  

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