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Security: Buhari Receives A Knock Over Alleged Plans To Rehabilitate Repentant BokoHaram Members As Six Nigerians Land In Jail At UAE,For Funding Insurgency In Nigeria



  The United Arab Emirate Appeal Court exposition of the  six Nigerians allegedly   having sympathy and   sponsoring the dreaded  Islamic Fundamentalist Group, BokoHaram, appears to have turned the table   against the President Muhammadu Buhari led All Progressive Congress, APC, government plans to rehabilitate and reintegrate  repentant insurgents   into the society.

Ali Ndume,a Borno state born politician and  Chairman, Senate Committee on the Army, who could not hide his feelings  at a closed door defense budget session  with the army , under the close watch of Tukur Buratai, a Lt. General, on Wednesday, November 11, 2020,  had said that the government could not be talking  of ‘’settling  and pampering  terrorists   while the country is still at war’’.

An aggrieved Ndume who do not want to hear about  government’s plan to resettle and reintegrate  the repentant  BokoHaram insurgents into the society   stressed that  the much  that could be done by the government    is to keep the repentant insurgents  as ‘’prisoners of war’’ and in  due time  should  be profiled   and tried  in accordance with the Laws of the country’’. He had cited the recent attack  that  was carried out at Damboa, Headquarters of Damboa Local government  Area of Borno state, which was said to  have been masterminded by one of the repentant  BokoHaram terrorists.

His  major worry was that the  repentant BokoHaram members  who were informant to the Bokoharam Insurgents   regarding the movement  of military personnel in the flashpoint areas in the state would cause more problem to the society.  Hear him: it is unfair and not right  to have the government  lavish Its  resources  on those  who threaten the peace of the nation.

mnjtf Fighters In The nORTH eAST STATE oF bORNO

Recall that the appologists of the BokoHaram Insurgents in the Senate were said to have sponsored a bill, which according to informed  sources had the backing of the Presidency for  the establishment of a  national  agency  that would see ‘’to the rehabilitation , deradicalisation  and reintegration  of the repentant insurgents in the south east states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe into the society.  

 Ndume, as usual  had opposed the Bill, describing it as a ‘’misplacement of priority’’. He noted  that the bill if passed into Law  will  only  encourage   the Group  recruit more members  on the ground that they are sure  of being accepted for  rehabilitation  and reintegration into the society  if they so wish to drop their gun.

  He believes that what the Buhari led APC  government is just telling  the  teeming unemployed in the society    is ‘’to go and join the   BokoHaram terrorist group  and then repent  and become something , describing it as ‘’totally  unacceptable  idea  and a way of  solving the problem in the north east.

In a related development, the Army has intensified  the manhunt for a total of about  400  BokoHaram  terrorists declared wanted who are  still at large. A banner  showing  the photographs  of the wanted  terrorists  was said to have been  unveiled   by  the   Babagana  Zulum, the governor state governor, and Buratai,  the Chief of  Army Staff ,  last  Wednesday, at the Civilian Joint Task Force, CJTF,  Super  Camp Chabal,  close  to Maiduguri, the state Capital.

Lt. Gen. Buratai: Chief Of Army Staff, CAS

 Buratai was said to have  given his words that the public and the CJTF, members would  be  given   copy of the photographs  each, for easy identification of the terrorists. Note that the first batch  of the terrorists on the  wanted list of the BokoHaram insurgnts  were said to have been published in 2016, barely  a year in office of the Katsina  state  born Nigerian President  first term in office  but that was  how far the Army could go.The Army Chief had told the people’’ some of the terrorists  may  leave  behind your yard parading  themselves  somewhere in  the market –place  and, urging them to deal with them wherever they find them and so on.

Ever since the Islamic Fundamentalist Group,  Boko Haram took up arms against the state in 1999, during the Administration of Former President Jonathan,  there had been rumours making the rounds that the Insurgents were being funded  by Nigerians who are sympathetic to their cause  both within and outside the country. Former President Jonathan may have known that  when he said that there BokoHaram sympathisers in his government.

 The sources and methods  used by the Nigerian terror group   from the lens of state sponsorship   suggests   that the group     is indirectly funded  by some elements   both within and outside the country. Muhamma Sanusi, a one-time Central Bank of Nigerian, CBN,  governor and THE  deposed Emir of Kano, may not have considered it necessary to  block the loopholes in the nation’s banking sector  through which thousands of dollar to fund the terrorists operations were wired to them. It is instructive to note that most of the Boko Haram Financiers were leaving in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirate, UAE.

Zulum: Governor Of Borno state

Perhaps, when information leaked out that some of   the BokoHaram  Financiers who are Nigerians from DIFFERENT northern part of the country were operating from the Arab country, the security Operatives were said to have been detailed by the King to move into action to arrest and prosecute  them without further delay. The effort had paid off  as six of them:Surajo Abubakar,  Muhammad Saleh, Ibrahim  Ali Hassan, AbduRahman Ado Musa, Bashir Ali Yusuf  and Mohammad Ibrahim Isa were arrested and detained.

The Six suspected  Nigerians that were said to be  bankrolling the operations of the BokoHaram terrorists in the north eastern of Nigerian  were said to have transferred  $782,000, between 2015 and 2016, from Dubai  , to the Group in Nigeria.  

Given the period the  amount was transferred to the Nigerian terrorsit group, it falls within the first year in office of the APC government which had replaced the PDP  government in the 2015, general election. Note that Godwin Emefiele, the current, CBN governor was at the helms of the apex bank when the $782,000 was transferred to the BokoHaram terrorist group in Nigeria.

 The UAE security  operatives were said to have arrested the six Nigerians in their hideout at Abu Dhabi in 2017 and subsequently  dragged to Court, where they were Convicted. The Boko Haram associates were said to have defended their action, insisting  that there was nothing Criminal  about the transactions.  But on Monday, November 9, 2020, the six Nigerians who had been standing trial at a UAE Court  were  sentenced to life and different years of imprisonment by the UAE Federal Court of Appeals .

Muhammad and Adamu, described as the ring leaders in mobilizing the  funds  were said to have bagged life jail terms  while  Hassan, Musa, Yusuf  and  Isa,  were each handed  down  a 10-year sentence each. It was a bad news to Abubakar Sheakau, and other leaders of the BokoHaram insurgents on the  wanted list of the government that the game is up.

The action that had been   taken by the UAE government  to prosecute the six Nigerians  funding the BokoHaram Insurgents hiding in their country, had  confirmed the rumours  that had been making the rounds over the years that the Insurgents were been funded by Nigerians.

Many believe that the Buhari led APC, government may not have helped maters with the payment of ransoms  to the Insurgents, said to have tacitly helped the group   to procure  weapons and consolidate  its hold on power  in some parts of Borno state.

The group were said to have also engaged    in illegal activities   such as the trafficking in counterfeit goods, kidnapping for ransoms, extortion  of citizens  and other  diverse    transcontinental  networks  to raise  funds for its operations. This may have informed why it is not ready to let go of the Lake Chad  axis and the fishing town of Baga to the Nigerian soldiers and the Multi-natinational Joint Task Force, MNJTF, comprising of soldiers from Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Cameroon and Benin Republic. 

 Studies have also shown that   through acts  of Commission and Ommission, countries like Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Pakistan , Sudan, Syria and Yemen  , are  considered  to be the  major sponsors  of the BokoHaram terrorist activities in Nigeria. This is where Buhari, the Nigerian born President may have to take t up with the government of these Arab countries, which caught across Asia AND africa.  

It is on record   that during the 10 years of the  Bokoharam terrorists  group operations in Nigeria, alone,  no fewere than 27, 000 people, were said to have been killed , hundreds kidnapped  and thousands displaced in their homes in the north east.

Stephen Ubanna

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