COVID 19:Buhari Weeps Over Kyari’s Death As Algeria Top The List Of African Countries With Highest Number of The Pandemic Death

 For  weeks, Abba kyari, Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari,  described as the most powerful  person and the  head of the Cabal in the Presidency, had been battling to save his life from the  Wuhan Town  in Hebei Province of China  emerged Coronavirus disease, which had spread to over 210 countries in the world including Nigeria. He died on Friday, April 17, 2020 and has been buried, according to Muslim irtes.

Kyari was said to have contacted the deadly disease in Germany , where he was said to have led a government delegation  that  met with the  officials of  Siemens , a company that had a working agreement with the  government to implement the country roadmap on  modernisation of  power supply which was split into  phases. He was said to have  lodged  in a hotel a in or to keep appoint with his Doctor

. He had returned to the country on March 24, 2020.Unknown to him, he had contacted the dreaded disease which eventually  claimed his life. The tacit Statement issued by Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu, the two Special senior Assistants to the President on Media and Publicity in their official  Tweet, on same Friday,  speak volume : The Presidency regret to announce the death of Kyari, the Chief of Staff to the President . The announcement gives an insight to the mindset of the President  over  the death of the death of his personal friend and Chief of Staff. ‘’He weeps’’, a presidency source said.

 Signs that Kyari would not survive it emerged when he had tested positive  for  the  COVID 19, after his return from the Germany official  trip. The infection of the late former Chief Of Staff,  with  the disease  may have informed why the  President ordered the lockdown of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos, described as the epicenter of the COVID 19  and Ogun state, because of its  proximity to Lagos to curb the spread of the disease in the country.

Given the nature of the disease, the late former Chief of Staff was hoping to be transferred to Lagos Isolation center, where the Nigerian Center for Disease Control, NCDC,  has the facilities and the  medical  equipment  for the  Treatment  of the sickness  in order to return to work.

  He had told close associates that he never exhibited any symptoms of the disease,  which  gave  him  the false impression that he was Coronavirus free and therefore reluctant to take the treatment serious . He got it wrong. Death was knocking his door.  Prior to the COVID 19, infection , he was said to be suffering from Diabetes and other undisclosed ailments. The disclosure that  he had Coronavirus after tehe test  may have triggered a great shock in him that he lost hope of surviving it. He was in his his 70s, which may not have helped matters.

Events had moved fast when it became clear that he may not survive the pandemic as Aisha Buhari, the First Lady, was said to have replaced some of the key staff in his office. Many believe  that the  death of the former  Chief of Staff to the President was   a big blow to the President because of their close working relationship that he was described in political circles as the ‘’defacto Vice President’’. This is because of the enormous powers he wields in the Presidency  that  he could take certain decisions without the President’s approval.

Until his death last Friday, he was said to have stepped on toes in the course of the discharge of his official  duties including the First Lady who cried out.  Not many people may have known about the power play in the Presidency until he tried to interfere in the office of Babagana Munguno, a retired Major General and National Security Adviser, NSA, to the President, by giving orders to the service Chiefs.

Abba Kyari: Late Former Chief Of Staff To Buhari

The Service Chiefs he was currying their favour include   Gabariel Olonisakin, an Army Geneeral and Chief of Defense Staff, CDS, Tukur Burantai, a Lt. General and Chief Army Staff, CAS, aAbubakar Sadiq, a Vice Marshall and Chief of Air Staff, CAS and Ibok Ekwe-Iba, a Vice Admiral and Chef of Naval Staff, CNS. The NSA, did not find it funny over Kyari’s interference on matters bordering on National security.  In anger, the NSA,  was said to have issued a warning memo to all them  to desist from taking orders  from him.

The conflict of interest between the duo was so pronounced that  the NSA, blamed the late former Chief of Staff  for the government’s failure to contain  insecurity in the north eastern states of Adamawa, Borno aand Yobe in the recent time.

 He may have exposed the  power struggle in the Presidency when he said that ‘’the late former Chief of Staff sometimes issues  directives to  the Service Chiefs who reports to his office in his capacity as the NSA, without the  knowledge and approval of the President’’.

He noted that the late former Chief of Staff to the  President had at different times   presided  over meetings with the Service Chiefs,  Heads of  Security Organisations, Ambassadors and High Commissioners, without his presence  or the ministers of Dense which  was a violation of the Constitution  and directly, undermines  the Authority of Mr. President.

The situation was so worrisome that Major Mustapha Jokolo,rtd, a one- time ADC, equivalent of Chief of Staff, to Buhari, as a military Head of State in the ‘80s, and who, incidentally was a  former Emir of Gwandu, Kebbi state, was forced to reach out   to the President  to sack the NSA , Kyari and the Service Chiefs, stressing that it was wrong to turn the Borno state born late former Chief of Staff as  the country’s  Vice President. But that was how far he could go.

Buhari Weeps Over Kyari’s Death

Many believe that with the death of the former Chief Staff, the NSA, and the ministers who had been experiencing difficulty seeing the President in the villa to discuss  official matters because of the overbearing  influence of the all powerful Kyari, who has the ears of the President could  heave a sigh  of relief.

A security source who spoke to The Value News disclosed that the death of Kyari has created a big vacuum in the Presidency as there may not be any other Chief Staff that would be like the Borno state born Politician to the President . This  is  because of their close working relationship which spans over four decades and their  understanding  of each other.

. It was therefore not surprising why every Complaints made   against  him by those opposed to him  and calls for his removal from several quarters was ignored by the President. Apointed by Buhari as the Chief of Staff in his   first term in office in 2015, he had held the position until April 17, 2020, when he lost out to the strop grip  of the  China born Coronavirus.

The late former Chief of Staff may not have been the only top government official  that had contacted the disease  and recovered from it. One of them was Bala Mohammed, governor of Bauchi state. Another victim  was Seyi Makinde, governor of Oyo state. Nasir el0Rufai, the governor of Kaduna state, tweeted that he also contacted the sickness but had recovered from it. In the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister contacted it and was taken to an intensive health care unit where he spent days and later discharged.

As at Saturday, April 18, 2020,  no fewer than 493 Nigerians , according to the NCDC, had contacted the disease . The victims may have been identified from the 5000 Nigerians who were said to have presented themselves to be Tested  in different  centers across the country.

Worried by the impact of the disease on the economy, the Private sector Coalition  against the disease lead by Alik Dangote, President Dangote Group of Companies,  according Issac Okorafor, Central Bank Of Nigerian CBN, Spokes person  has made a total donations of about N26 billion to the government established COVID  19  fund  to Contain the spread of the disease in the country.

The World Health Organisation ,WHO, which keep countries update on the COVID 19, had reported on Saturday, April 18, 2020, that there had been  2,258,945 COVID 19  cases across the world  , 154,390 deaths while 575,953, had recovered, leaving 1,528.602,  currently  infected patients .

The most hard hit countries in the  African Continent are Egypt, 2844, South Africa,2,783, Morocco, Algeria, 2418 2,564, Camerron, 1017, Tunisia 864, Ivory Coast, 688, Ghana, 641, Niger 627 and Burkina Faso, 557, cases. was said to have accounted for more than 1000 of the dead Coronavirus patients. The number of people that had died in  these COVID 19 hard hit countries in Africa are 883 but the WHO   revealed that the novel disease had killed more than 100 people in Africa.

Algerian, according the WHO, is the African country with the highest number of deaths of 364 casualties, followed by Egypt,205 and Morocco 135 while 17 Nigerian Coronavirus patients had died so far including a Medical doctor while 18 had died in Niger. Within the Nigerian neighbouring countries, only Benin Republic, according to who report has the lowest COVID 19  cases and reported death since the outbreak of the disease in the Continent last March. The number of the COVID 19 infected  persons  in the country  was said to be 35 and one reported death

. This may have informed  why the country has tightened its borders across the country with Nigeria and Niger to curb the spread of the disease in the country. In fact,  President President , Patrick Talon, is now enjoying the border closure between Nigeria and its neighbouring countries  of Benin, his home country, Niger and the Central African country of Cameroon because of the novel disease which had spread to over 210 countries in the world.  


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