Gbajabiamila Gives Auto Sparepart Traders Hope

By Ambrose Okehi

I Femi Ggajabiamila, representing Surulere Federal Constituency and Desmond Elliot, Surulere, 1, in the Lagos State House  Assembly have thrown their weight behind the Automotive Spare Parts and Accessories Association (ASPAA), Surulere Zone to save them from unnecessary harassment of the goverment.

The duo who were said to have met with traders on Thursday January 10, 20I9 at their business area have promised to use their position to ensure that the government both at the state and Federal level empower the Igbo traders who are contributing meaningfully to the economic development of the state.

The two Lawmakers , may have seen the visit  as a home coming and seen opportunity to interact with the traders who deal on auto -spare parts in their Constituency to know their problem and how to assist them to grow in their business.

The visiting lawmakers who are going for their second term reminded the traders that  the All Progressive Congress, APC, the political platform through which they are re-contesting lost in their Glleg pooling booth during the 2015  general election and therefore would want the Igbo dominated market traders to vote for the party in this 2019 election. They  demanded to know from them why they had allowed APC to loose in the pooling booth. They noted that though APC won the election the election, but it was not good that the party lost in that particular pooling booth.

The auto spare parts dealers were  said to have  reassured Gbajabiamila  Elliot, of their massive support to them this time around, insisting that the lawmakers must ensure the dividend  of democracy  was extended to them who are paying their taxes in the state.In apparent response to  the demands of the Igbo traders, Gbajabiamila, promised that if elected, they are going to support them  in a way that ”it will benefit their business and work.”

He reassured that the APC will win the federal Constituency and House of Assembly Seat in the Surulere Local government area in next month election.”I believe we are going to win the election. In fact, we have won”, adding,  I don’t want a situation where the election would be won in Surulere and my Igbo traders will lose out for not voting for the APC.

‘The Federal lawmaker may have assured the Automotive Spare Parts and Accessories Association, ASPAA members and Igbo traders that his going back to Abuja will bring something good for them.”My going back to the House of Representatives, would attract infrastructural facilities in  Surulere”. It is not going to be for the Yoruba traders alone but for everybody”.

Gbajabuamila, who is the current Majority leader in the House, pointed out some of the projects APC had carried in the Federal Constituency through his efforts such as bore holes, street lights, roads , promising to do more if elected.

Lazarus Ikedigwe, President of the Association and the Chief Executive Officer, of Molitelong Motors Limited,thanked Princess Mulikat Femitola Sanui for her efforts in  facilitating the visit of the two Lagos lawmakers, and reminded Gbajabiamila that the union members worked assiduously for their election in 2015 which guaranteed them electoral victory.Giving an insight to their challenges the union have faced over the years which include paying for lockup shops to Surulere Local Government Area and Operational licenses to Lagos State Government within the same year, Security of lives and property, non-functioning street lights within the area as well as Glegg lane; on roads.

 ”We want good road network in the area, insisting that the existing roads must be  repaired and extended to Akintan Street, Ibidun Street, Allen Road and Glegg Lane for easy access into the area by the trading public. This is in addition to establishment of a parking space, which he described  as one of the greatest challenges they have been facing over the years. 

The Union president pleaded with the lawmakers to use their good offices to force the state government to approve for their  temporary use  the Old Primary School Compound situated  at Allen Road as their parking space and for cars. He may have promised to take up the  matter with the next Administration.

”I am not somebody that makes promises without keeping them. Once I have made a promise, I will ensure I keep to it”, he said. The Auto Spare parts dealers in the Surulere axis are waiting to hear from him this 2019 as soon as the new government settles down for governance.

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