How Wike Turned Himself To Be A Power Broker Wooed By Nigerian Top Politicians, Says Consultations Still Ongoing

By Lateef Adegbite

The Opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential primary last May in which Nyensom Wike a one-time minister of Education and now governor of Rivers state was favoured to win but lost out to Atiku Abubakar, a former Nigerian Vice President  during Olusegun Obasanjo’s Administration  appears to have thrown up the Niger state governor as a tough politician that cannot be ignored.

Between Monday, August 22, 2022 and Friday, August 26, 2022,  Wike, Okezie Ipeazu, Seyi Makinde, Samuel Otom, a former minister of state, during Goodluck Jonthan Administration , all current PDP, governors in Abia, Oyo, and Benue states respectively including Donald Duke, a former governor of Cross river state , described as inner cacus of Wike’s camp, were said to have relocated to London, United London , to keep off the pressure on them by the Nigerian top politicians including Atiku’s camp trying  to penetrate their camp.

Gov. Ortom: A Member Of Wike’s Camp

Either Wike, who has been under pressure to return back to the PDP, mainstream and Iyochia Ayu, the National Chairman of the party who had said that the Rivers state governor will eventually rule Nigeria, had  broken the  news of relocating to London with his camp or the news  had filtered out to those monitoring him his movement  in the state who may have circulated it.

This may have informed why Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, a former governor of Lagos state and the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, Presidential Candidate, for the 2023, general elections, Atiku, the Flag bearer of the PDP, Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambara state, south east Nigeria and elder statesman, Obasanjo, who incidentally was Nigerian, former President were said to have also relocated to London to hold talks with the Wike’s camp.

Obasanjo: Former Nigerian President Jetted Out To London To Hold Discussions With Wike And His Team

The nononsense, Rivers state governors , was said to have told those that cares to listen on arrival in the coutry on Friday, August 26, 2022, with his Team, that ‘’ his consultations  with the top Nigerian politicians  ahead of the 2023, general elections  are in the best  interest of the nation’’. Hear him: t is not a parochial thng, being centred on person or group of persons, but on the nation’’.

He had said that the consultations is still ongoing as nothing has been concretised, meaning that the camp have not thrown their weight on Tinubu, Atiku or Obi, decribed as the three frontline politicians for now.

Tinubu: APC Presidential Candidate: Travelled To London To Hold Talks With With Wike And His Camp

The Rivers state governor who could not hide his feelings had said that ‘’nothing can deter his camp from  saving Nigeria from some Leaders  who only  want to  turn  political offices to a family business.  He may have alluded to Tinubu, the APC, Presidential Candidate, fueling speculation making the rounds that that the Wike’s camp will never support the APC, Candidate to avoid turning Nigeria into Tunubu family business. 

According to him, ‘’Leadership is not about you and your family, it is about somebody’’. Somebody finishes eight years a governor and will contemplate of bringing his son to be governor or sponsor his son  or wife to go the National Assembly.  He noted that ‘’it is only in  this part of the world, referring to the north west geopolitical region that  you can  see that happen. These are people who do not mean well for Nigeria when we are talking about poverty everywhere’’, he had said.

The former minister of state, Education, during Jonathan’s Administration, is optimistic that with the consultations with the top Nigerian politicians, ‘’it will be a thing of the past’’.   He maintained that nothing will deter his camp from doing the right, insisting that they are posed to achieving it and ‘’there is no going back’’. The Rivers state governor may have alluded to Sule Lamido, a former governor of Jigawa state, in his comments on arrival at  the PortHarcourt International Airport  on Friday, August 26, 2022,  with  governors Iikpeazu and Ortom, that  ‘’no amount of insults, blackmail can deter him and his camp  from doing the right thing’’.

Atiku: PDPD, Flag Bearer: Urges Loyalists To Stop Talking Bad About Wike And His Camp

Atiku, the PDP, Presidential Candidate, for the 2023, general elections  may have read the handwriting  on the wall that the game is up  that  he had asked party stakeholders  and his loyalists  ‘’to desist  from making Statements  that may compromise PDP’s unity’’.  Snippets from their meeting in London, indicates that all Leaders of the Opposition PDP, including Wike, the Rivers state governor, are united in working for the victory  of the party  in the upcoming general elections.

This may have informed why the Adamawa state  born top politician  had appealed  ‘’to all  party members, leaders and everyone  related  to or connected  with or associated  with him  to desist from making  comments  that  may further  reduce  the optics  of the PDP image as a united party’’.

Atiku, the Opposition PDP, Presidential Candidate,  had said  that the appeal has become  necessary under the present circumstances  in order  ‘’to call  the attention  of party leaders and members to the diversionary  antics of the APC, which in manufacturing  a false impression  of division  within the PDP, aims to hoodwink the Nigerian public to overlook the monumental  failures of the ruling party’’.

Appealing to associates and party members who truly like him as the PDP , Touch bearer for the 2023, general elections,  not ‘’to fall  for the antics  of the APC, in making Statements  that could give  credence to the false claim  of divisions in the PDP’’, noting that it is the only way the party could win the 2023, Presidential elections.

He has confirmed the information that had had filtered out  from their London, consultations that  Wike and all other governors  of the PDO,  are united  in working  for the victory  of the PDP in  next year’s general election across board.  The former Nigerian Vice President was said to have told his loyalists who were initially poised for war with the Wike’s camp that all leaders and members of the PDP, are on the same page in the mission to rescuewe Nigeria from the stranglehold of the APC, stressing that ‘’what is at stake in the 2023, general election is the future of Nigeria’’.

In a related development,  Kola Ologbndiyan, a former Publicity Secretary  of the PDP, may have dampened the enthusiasm of Tinubu , the former Lagos state and Aminu Masari, a former Speaker of House of Representatives and governor of Katsina, President Muhammadu Buhari, home state,  when he said that no PDP, governor , including Wike, the aggrieved governor of Rivers state  with work for APC, to be returned to power after the 2023, general elections.

The former PDP, Publicity secretary had said that ‘’there  is no truth  in the Katsina state governor’s claims  that Wike and some PDP, governors, referring to those in the Rivers tate govenor’s camp , who  seen the failure  of the APC that will want to have anything to do with ruling party. ‘’  He averred that  the former  Speaker of the Hose of Representatives claims was not predicated on fact and as, it cannot be taken seriously by Nigerians.

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