New Cabinet: Tinubu warns Ministers To Deliver On Their Mandate Or Be Removed

 By Lateef Adegbite And Stephen Ubanna

 Barely three months of being sworn into office as the President and Commander -In -Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who had started governance of the country with the appointment of special Advisers has hit the ground running with the inauguration in of the 545 ministers designate by the Godswill  Akpabio, a former governor of Akwa Ibom  state  led Senate with their various port portfolios.

In inaugurating the new Federal Executive Council, FEC, members that will steer the hip of state with him for the remaining years and months of the Administration, Tinubu, who is in a hurry to succeed was said to have warned the ministers that ‘’Nigerians won’t tolerate any excuse for failure’’.

He was said to have mandated the new ministers to prioritise the interests and welfare of the entire nation and its diverse population, above any regional or state -specific consideration’’ was said to have made it clear that ‘’it is their responsibility in reshaping policies that will significantly influence the lives   of hundreds of millions of Nigerians.

Appealing to them ‘’to serve with integrity, dignity and competence actualise the renewed hope manifesto of the administration, noting that anyone that fails to deliver on his mandate, he will not hesitate take necessary remedial measures to remove the person.

 Given the ministers a directive on what to do, he was said to have told them:  Your highest obligation is to restore public faith with the government so that Nigerians can once again believe that ‘’government can be a positive force for transformation and vehicle for collective progress of all citizens of this great country, Nigeria’’  the most populous in the African Continent.

He may have alluded to the fact that the last eight years of former President Muhammadu Buhari’s administrations and the 16 years of the Opposition People’s Democratic government in the country had dampened Nigerians enthusiasm of democratic rule as they have not enjoyed the dividends of democracy but promises and Failure which must be reversed to restore the much – needed confidence.

Notwithstanding the good ideas that the Nigerian President may have a the driver of the vehicle together with the ministers on the botand Nigerians as the  passengers,  Jideofo Adibe, a Professor, had said that the ministers will not make  any  headway  in their various ministries   without Presidential backing.’’the ministers  can work better  if given  the needed Presidential backing’’, Prof. Adibe had said.

He was emphatic that  ‘’for the  ministers to work , for them  to be effective  and be able to take risks , the President, who incidentally was a one- time  Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria and governor Lagos state  has ‘’to set the tone to wrest  waste  from the government’’.  

The Professor who would want  the Lagos state born Nigerian President to be confident enough ‘’ to allow the ministers the legrom to take decisions  in their respective ministries , stated that  ‘’it is the only way  they will take effective risks’’ , tread on feet  and step on powerful toes  and be ready to give them  political cover’’.

Nyesom Wike, the immediate past governor of Rivers state, a and a member of the opposition PDP, who may have  followed the foot steps of Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, a former governor of the Niger Delta state elected on the platform of the PDP  to dump the party  and now minister of the Federal Capital Territory, FCT,  was said to have told Tibubu that  he won’t regret nominating   him to serve in his Cabinet and the Senate as well for confirming his appointment.

Wike: FCT, Minister, Talks Tough

True to his words and being a strong -willed person in the class of Nasir El- Rufai, a former governor of Kafduna state and who had served as the minister of the FCT, during former Preside Olusegun OBASANJO’S administration, and stepped on toes by demolition houses, that had contravened the Abuja, master plan, he has vowed to demolish structures not built according the FCT’s master plan.

The former Rivers state governor who likes talking enough may have sent a message to landowners, including past and present ministers, Ambassadors and top government functionaries who have taken areas to build properties or parks to build restaurants, which had distorted   the master plan of Abuja that it will be  too bad for them  as ‘’the structures will go down’’  He was said to said it loud  and clear that  that those green areas and parks  must return .  

Talking enough he has promised to end open grazing in the FCT, saying such can no longer be tolerated.  ‘’’’We cannot allow cows in the city’’, he had said. He had said that the herdsmen going about with their cattles in the city is a bad advertisement to the country and must stop at all costs.  

Trivers state born minister of the FCT, had asked that assuming one is a foreign visitor at the Presidential villa  and sees about  20,000 to 40,000 goats and cattles  around the vicinity,  how would  they feel?   

He did not stop there.  He was said to have also promised to stop street trading, alluding to the fact that ‘’it  bred insecurity’’. The former Rivers state governor who wants to replicate what he did in Rivers state to build flyovers and make the oil city clean   may have sent a message to resident of the Nigerian capital city   the government will no longer tolerate the issue of everywhere is market, insisting that it must be done within the framework of the Law. His major worry was that in the city ‘’people are selling with umbrellas under tree’’, noting that these things caused insecurity’’.  

Oyetola: Urges Staff Of The Ministry Of Marine & Blue Economy And The Agency Directors To Work With Him

Gboyega Oyetola, a former governor of Osun and now minister of Maine and Blue Economy may not be as lucky as the other ministers deployed to the already existing ministries as he is starting from a virgin ministry which he is expected to develop to be a revenue generating source for the government.

 The President may have deployed him from the previous ministry of Transportation on Sunday, August 19, 2023, to the new ministry because of his experience   and administrative skills to manage both human and material resources ability to reposition the south western state’s economy on the path of growth.

  Oyetola , a former governor of Osun state, who may  not be as lucky as  other ministers  deployed to well-established ministries but starting from a virgin ministry   was said to have urged the ministry staff   to work with him  ‘’to find innovative  solutions  to the challenges  in the sector  to ensure  that the seas, oceans  and marine  are safe , reliable  and  sustainable’’.

The minister of the Marine and Blue Economy who may have been properly brief within the short period of  his deployment to  the new ministry from  the parent ministry,, Transportation, may have been properly briefed that he has started talking as an industry stakeholder. 

He had said that   that the blue econoy, is estimated globally to be worth more than  1.3 trillion of the North American  country of the United States, US, dollars , adding that that considering the  size  of the country’s  blue economy, Nigeria should be a significant player   in the sector  to contribute  to the country’s  revenue  generation  to the Federation account  and also provide jobs  for teeming unemployed in the country.

He wAs said to have promised  the ministry staff and Chief Executives  of the agencies under the ministry: Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, under  the close watch of Mohammed Bello Koko,  Nigerian Maritime administration and Safety Agency,  NIMASA, under the Leadership of Bashir Jamoh, OFR,  and Emmanuel Jime , led Nigerian Shippers Council, NSC and George Moghalu, controlled Nigerian Inland Water Ways Authority, NIWA, ‘’to come up   with  practicable  ways  of ensuring  that the  Inland rivers, lakes  and waterways  are  utilised  for cargo  shipment  and passenger transportation.

Speaking as an industry stakeholder, he had said ‘’our oceans cover more than two-thirds of our planet’s surface, holding the key to sustainable economic growth, environmental intervention, and technological innovation’’.

The former Osun state governor noted that his vision for the new ministry is ‘’rooted in responsible management   and utilisation of the country’s marine resources to benefit not only the country’s economy but also the health of our planet’’. He duo, Jamoh, Director General, NIMASA and Bello Koko, who are assets to the ministry were said to be conspicuously absent at the ministry’s conference room to receive the minister who was said to have arrived with his wife, son and other members of his cabinet while   governor of Osun state.  The duo who may   be outside the country on official engagements have much to contribute to the new ministry to take it toa new level because of their knowledge of the blue economy, particular, Jamoh, the NIMASA, Director General.     

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