Presidency: Why Buhari Is In A Fix To Sack Kyari or Munguno?

By Suleiman Umaru

 More facts have eemerged why Buhari is in a fix to sack to sack Abba Kyari, his Chief of  Staff  or Babagana Munguno, a retired Major General and National Security Adviser, NSA.  This is because of his closeness to them and the position they occupy which expose  them  to a lot of secrets about the Administration.

The duo are  also  as the master planners of the government which make it more  difficult for  him to sack them despite the pressure on him to do so  is because of the public show of  shame exhibited by them  without exercising restraint on issues of national importance.

Political watchers believe  that Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff, to the katsina state born Nigerian  President has taken advantage of the understanding  between him  and  the President to  behave   as the alternate President  by arrogating too  much powers to himself.  Security sources told the Value News that ome  members of the Federal Executive Council, FEC, and the Kitchen Cabinet in Buhari’s  first term in office,  and now  including the kitchen Cabinet  had tried to tolerate him  to avoid  giving the President Cause to worry.

But one person,  who  could no longer bear it this time around  because of his Professional background as a retired Major General, was Babagana Muguno,  the National Security Adviser, NSA. Munguno could not understand why  Kyari, would extend his influence  in the Presidency to security matters by giving orders to the Service Chiefs who report directly to him .   

Munguno, who  was said to have cited one of the   internal memos , which the  all too-  powerful Buhari’s Chief of Staff,   giving  orders to    . the Service Chiefs  without  the knowledge  or approval of the President ,  The letter dated December   9, 2019, and, titled  ‘’Disruption  of the national security   framework by   unwarranted  meddlesomeness’’, the NSA had said that  Kyari  was neither a security official nor  Head of a security agency to give such orders to the Service Chiefs who report to him. He noted that such acts and continuous  meddlesomeness  by him was unacceptable.

Abba Kyari: Chief Of Staff To Buhari

An aggrieved Munguno, described in security circles, as a very refined retired Army Major General  who is slow in talking believes that the president’s Chief of Staff’’ undue interference   on matters of national security   had drastically slowed down   meaningful   achievements  that  the government  could   have achieved’’ over the last four years.

The retired Army Chief , who  is also supervising  the Border Drills Operations , which had led to the closure  of the borders with the neighbouring  countries of Benin Republic, Niger and the Central African country of Cameroon, to protect the country’s maritime borders,  has made clear to those that cares to listen that he has no such powers to do what he is doing because he  is not a ‘’presiding Head of the country’s security  , neither  is he sworn to an oath of defending  the country’s territorial  integrity’’ .

Security watchers believe that the unholy relationship between Kyari and the Service Chiefs  may have been going on for  years but the  later had  kept  sealed  lip to avoid causing bad blood between the duo. Many believe that  they  may have been forced to let the cat out of the bag because of the mounting pressure on the President  by concerned  individuals and groups to sack them  over their inability to contain the activities of the  Boko Haram and the Islamic State of West African Provice,ISWAP, Insurgents  in the  north eastern states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe.

This may have exposed to the no nonsense NSA,  the reality of  the situation   on  ground that he had been sidelined on issues of  security matters   over the Counter- Insurgency war in the north east. Perhap, to stop the mess,  Munguno,  was said to have  sent a warning memo to Gabriel Olonisakin, a General  and Chief of Defense Staff, CDS, Yusuf Tukur Buratai, a  Lt. General and  Chief of Army Staff, CAS, Sadiq Abubakar, an Air  Marshall, and chief of Air Staff including  Ibok Ete  Ekwe, a Vice Admiral and Chief of Naval Staff, CNS,   to stop taking orders from  Kyari. This is bad news for Kyari , the Chief of Staff, who may have made the Service Chiefs to believe  that their continued stay in office was at his own prompting  in order to retain their loyalty .

Indeed, not many Nigerians are happy at the turn of events at the Presidential villa. Kasim Afegbua,   a former spokes person  of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Presidential Campaign Council in the 1919 general elections had said  that the conflict of interest between the  two top  functionaries of the Buhari Administration clearly shows that there is a cabal in the Presidency but the President has severally denied it , insisting that he is in control of his govern.

Afegbua,  who is a close ally of  former military President, Ibrahim Babangida, an  Army General, rtd,  alluded to the fact   that the varying stance of the crisis in different parts of the country, particular, the north east and north central  shows that there is no synergy   among the different security agencies and segments within the Presidency, noting that ‘’it is like they are fooling Nigerians’’.

Reno Omokiri, a former Presidential Aide o ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, may have hit the nail on the head  when he  challenged  Buhari to prove that he is in-charge of his government by sacking Kyari, described in political circles as the alternate President or Munguno, the NSA for bringing the Administration into public ridicule. He noted that if  he  fails to sack one or two  of them at a go, would confirm the fear of people that  st  that there is a Cabal in the Presidency  controlling him.

  Also, Mustapha Jokolo, a a Major, rtd, and Buhari’ former ADC, as Head of State , between December 1,31, 983 and August 25, 1985,  and  now Emir of Gwandu, Kebbi state, has joined the call for the sack of Kyari and Munguno by the President , blaming them  for the failures in the war  against insurgency in the north east.

  Reccall that Aisha Buhari, the First Lady had alluded to the overbearing  influence of a Cabal in the state of Affairs in the Presidency which she did not find funny.  The clash of interest between Chief of Staff to the President and the NSA  had exposed the faceless Cabal operating in the Presidency.    

Besides, the call for the call for the sack of  either Kyari or Munguno, the NSA, there have also been pressure on the President to sack the Service Chiefs  who were instrumental to the crisis by taking orders from the Chief of Staff because of his vantageposition  as the last person to see the President daily without disclosing it to the NSA, until the situation became bad.

Babagana Munguno: NSA And Chairman, Border Drills

But Boss Mustapha, the Secretary to the government  of  the Federation, SGF,  may have spoken the mind of the President when he said that they will be sacked at the right time.  According to him, ‘’Nigeria is in a difficult situation that requires a synergy   within the Intelligence Community  to address the insecurity  challenge of the country.

The SGF , has made it clear  that sacking the Service Chiefs for now may not be  in the agenda of the Daura born politician because ‘’you don’t sack  people like that  because of the processes involved  and which must be fulfilled’’.  Mustapha, the SGF,   may have taken advantage of the public  presentation  of  a book titled: CAN, Religion and Power in Nigeria,  held at the National Christian center, Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, to open up on the vexed issue. He is optimistic that at the opportune time those processes if need be will addressed .

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