Security: House Of Reps. Deputy Speaker, Takes Bold Initiatives To Restore Normalcy In The South Eastern Region

Elizabeth Chukwuma

 After several years of turning the south eastern states of Abia, Anambra, Eboyi, Enugu and Imo, into a war zone by the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, founded by Nnamdi Kanu, now in Department of State Security , DSS Custody in the guise to carve out an Independent State of Biafra, Peace appears to be on horizon in the region.

This is because  Benjamin Okezie Kalu, Deputy Speaker of the House of  Representatives, who had initiated  the Peace  in the South East , PSE Project , has got the backing of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC.

The Abia state born politician who is worried at the slow pace of development in the region compared to the neighbourng south west and south –south geopolitical regions may have taken advantage of his recent visit to his home town in Bende Local government Area of the state on Friday, December 29, 2023, to hit the ground running.

B.O. Kalu: House Of Reps Deputy Speaker

The House Deputy Speaker   may have succeeded in getting the involvement of the Presidency to unveil the peace Project to give the people confidence that the persistent killing, destruction of properties and kidnapping of residents for ransom would soon be  a thing of the past.

The crisis in the south eastern region was said to have been heightened by Senator Hope Uzodinma, governor of Imo state, by Ikenga Ugochinyere, a member of the House. Appearing on Arise Television recently,  the Lawmaker   had alleged  that the Imo state  governor  is the one  fueling  the ongoing crisis in the south east  due  to the activities of the hired vigilante  who had turned to be   unknown gunmen  enforcing  a compulsory  Sit –At Home Order of Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, founded by Nnamdi Kanu, currently  in Department of State Service, DSS , custody, in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT.

  The aggrieved  Lawmaker had said that some of the governors, particular,  Uzodinma , governor of Imo state is benefitting from the atmosphere of the insecurity  and feeling of being unsafe in his home state  to squeeze out cash  from former President Muhammadu Buhari  to maintain the state security architecture. He got it.

The outspoken Ugochinyere who had described the vigilante group the Imo state, the governor is running as a political outfit, says the group has a mandate to go after political opponents.  The House of Representatives member may have given President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whoincidentally was a former governor of Lagos state a clue to the cause of the crisis in the region championed by IPoB and ESN.

Hon. Ugochinyere, House Of Reps. member, accuses Gov. Uzodinma of fueling crisis In the south east with his vigilante group turned unknown gunmen

 He had attributed it to ‘’the issues of marginalization, unfair treatment, lack of integration and full acceptance of Ndigbo Igbo into the Nigerian polity’’ after the 30 months –old civil war that ended in 1970.  He was emphatic that’’ the feeling of exclusion’’ is what is fueling the belief in the mindset of the IPob members that’’ separation is the only way to restore normalcy in the region.

Signs that peace is set to return to the region may have emerged when  information filtered out that the IPoB Leader who is in DSS detention who may have bowed to pressure from both official and unofficial quarters  ‘’ has cancelled all forms of Sit-At-home’’ in the entire  south east region to enhance development.

In his own  handwritten letter, which was said to have been verified  that was smuggled out from  his DSS, custody, the IPoB, Leader had directed the people of the south eat geopolitical region ‘’to henceforth set aside  first  Monday of every month as an ‘’economic empowerment  day’’ and not for implementing the Sit-at-home order.

As a prelude to ending the sit-At –home Order in the region implemented by his followers all over the region, he was said to have ordered the  Simon Ekpa,  the Controversial Biafra agitator, in Finland, who had taken over the Leadership of the Organisation  following Kanu’s incarceration   ‘’to desist  from issuing  Sit-at Home order orders in the south –east region.

Until Kanu, the authentic   IPoB Leader, gave the matching order  to Ekpa, in his base in Finland,to stop issuing  the  Sit –at-Home order, he was said to have been devastated the economy of the region    have been  destabilized because of the enforcement of the compulsory Sit At Home  order.

 Last July, the IIgbo Leaders had reached to Tinubu   to initiate the process for the extradition of the IPoB militant in Finland I n order   to free the region from the strongholds miitants who may have been penetrated by militants from other states, particular those from, Benue, Plateau and Nasarawa, in the guise of being herdsmen.

Vice President Shettima: Unveils PSE Project In Abia State

The recent visit of Vice President Kashim Shettima, to the Bende area of Abia state on the invitation of Kalu, Deputy Hose Speaker, and House of Representatives may have given him opportunity to speak out on the economic saboteurs operating in the region.

The former Borno state governor was said to have made the people to understand that President Tinubu is worried about the economic devastation that had been inflicted on the region over the last couple of years owing to assaults from IPoB and ESN.

 The Nigerian Vice President who had had a running battle with the Islamic Fundamentalist Group, BokoHaram, which had broken out into two factions in 2015, appears to have thrown his weight behind Kalu, the House Deputy Speaker, to restore peace in the south east  region.  He was said to have informed the people ‘’that Nigeria’s future remains incomplete as long as the people grapple with the sinister operations of economic saboteurs who masquerade as advocates of the Ndi –Igbo ‘’.

Why unveiling the  PISE project  at Bende,  Kalu ‘s home Local government Area, an elated Shettima, had assured the people that they have no cause to worry about the high level of insecurity in the  region any longer as  the Abia born Lawmaker  ‘’is  determine to utilize  all available resources  at his disposal  to ensure  that the  peace being established in the region is not cosmetic’’.

However, he noted  that the government cannot fully guarantee the much expected peace in the region ‘’unless  residents  are ready ‘’ to see  through  the falsehoods and propaganda  that have  become weapons against  the country’s unity being  employed  by the economic saboteurs to achieve their goal’’.

The former Borno state governor may have spoken the mind of the Nigerian President  when he asserted that ‘’the gory activities   of IPOB and ESN, militants  holding the south east region captive  all these past ears ‘’are self-serving  and do not in any way represent  the interest of the people of the region   and the country in general’’.

He opined ’’ that IPoB and ESN are not creation of the people of the south east region or Nigerians from other parts of the country’’.  Giving an insider information of the PSE project, Vice President Shettima , who could not hide his feelings disclosed that ‘’the problems with the region  which  the Abia Lawmaker is out  to solve   is a creation of self-serving criminals   who do not  represent  interest of Nndigbo  and Nigerians in general’’.

The Nigerian Vice President may have shocked Nigerians when he declared that Tinubu may not have held any group  as responsible  for the infractions of law-breaking individuals   who identify themselves as members of IPOB or ESN as ‘’they are doing so in connivance  with forces  exploiting  the situation  on ground in the region   for dangerous political propaganda’’.

Appealing to the people of the south east to join forces with the government as ‘’they are the ears, legs and mouths in the region’’, he averred that ‘’it is the only way the catastrophic situation the area can be reversed’’

. Many see the House of Representative Deputy Speaker peace initiative in the south east as a bold statement that the people are ready to embrace peace and to move the region’s economic development forward.   

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