Zamfara:Matawalle Turns Against Emirs    Patronising Bandits, Kyari Speaks Out

 By Suleiman Umaru

Between 2021 and now,  Bello Matawalle, governor of Zamfra state in the north west geopolitical region had beamed his search on the Emirs and district heads in the Emirate Councils  to fish out those  allegedly hobnobbing  with the Bandits  for their own pecuniary gains.

He had started   with the removal of Abubakar Chika, the Emir of Maru, described as one of the flash point areas of  the state. The Bandits Group, according to President  Mohammed Bazoun, of Niger Republic   which  had entered  his home country from  Maawa amd Bayan  Dtisi regions  had escalated  toZamfara , Sokoto, Katsina, Kadunna and Niger, home state of Ibrahim Babanngida, a retired Army General  and former Nigerian military President through the region of Mahradi.

  The Cieftaincy title was said to have been conferred on the on the Bandits gang leader    without the approval of tMatawalle,   the state governor.  The worry of many was that scores of the Bandits said to had arrived the venue of the occasion at Yandoto town on several motorbikes to celebrate with Aleru  during his turbaning. Security operatives were said to have sited many of them at the venue because of their daring moves   but there was no much they could do to avoid disrupting the event as planned. They were said to have left the venue the same way they had come into their forest hideout no sooner than he Bandits kingpin was turbaned.

Lawali Magaji, the spokesperson of the Yandoto Emirate had  said that the decision  ‘’to make  the Bandits  Leader  a Chief  was aimed  at ‘’finding  peace  in tsafe, Yandoton  Daji Emirates and other Areas that were regularly attacked  by Aleru led gang’’

Aleru: Aleru, Bandit Leader, Turbaned In Yandoto Emirate

   He noted that the efforts of the ex-bandit Leader have been able  to bring about  peace in the Emirate had  made it possible  for the people  to go to their farms  without fear of bandits attack.Hear him:  He has been trying  to atop banditry  within he Yandoto Emirate Council  and all and sundry can attest to the positive changes. Giving an insider information on why Yandoto Emirate confere the tile on the ex-bandit was because he believes that ‘’it would enable him to control entire Fulani, who are from both within and outside the country and checkmate their activities and action against the  people of the Emirate Council.

The Yandoto Emir  may have made Nigerians to believe  that he got  the approval of the  state  government before going ahead to turban the popular  terror kingpin  who was said to have repeatedly terrorized  farmers and the  several communities in Zamfara, Katsina, Kaduna  and Sokoto states  including Niger sate  over the last 11 years.

The Aleru  gang, according to residents of Daji Yandoton Emirate  have led series of atattacks, kill people and kinap for ransom in the Emirate Council.

There is no gain saying the fact that in spite of  measures  introduced  by the Zamfara s state government in the recent time to curtail the activities of the Bandits , which  President Muhammadu Bahari , had said   also include trans- border insurgency , the Aleru gang were said to have continued to strike in the state.

 It was not surprising why Matawalle, the Zamfara state governor, had  found the action of the Yandoto Emir Emir  as very embarrassing  to the state and the Federal government of Nigeria. Tis may have forced him resort to plan B, to deal with the Emir for hobnobbing with the bandits Leader which had reslted I turbaning him for his pecuniary gains.  

 The governor had handed down  an indefinite  suspension Letter him , thus bringing to wo , the number of Emirs that had earned the wrath of the state government for  associating with  bandits to the extent of turbaning one of them  to serve  in his Emirate Council, fueling speculations making the rounds that  some of the northern Emirs are actually supporting the Bandits.

Aware of the implications of the  Yandoto’s Emir’s action, may have informed why  the Zamfara state governor  is determined to get to the root of the matter  that he has set a six-man Committee  headed by one  Yahaya Chado Gora,  a member of the House of Representatives  to investigate  the circumstances  leading to the Yandoto Emir action.

Perhaps, to fill the vacuum, created by the suspension of the Emir, the governor was said to have appointed   one Mahe Garba  Marafa, the district  head of Yandoto  to take charge  of the Affairs of  the Emirate for now until a successor would be appointed .  The suspension of the Yandoto Emir, may have sent a message to other Emirs and district heads in the state patronizing the bandits that they should watch their step as they are closely being monitored by security personnel and the state government.

Given the embarrassment which the turbaning of a Bandits gang kingpin by the suspended Emir of Yantaoto  has caused Zamfara state  over the last  one week may have informed why Matawalle, the state governor had warned the Emirs against ‘’the indiscriminate  bestowing  of  Chieftaincy titles  on individuals, which he had described as abuse  of the traditional institution’’ .  

An aggrieved  Zamfara state governor  has  made it clear to those that cares to listen that ‘’henceforth  any Emir or district head  found giving Chieftaincy title to any  person  without securing official permission and clearance from  the state government’’ would  be dealt with  according to the LawWithout sounding immodest  he has made clear that ‘’compliance is mandatory now and failure to it  will attract  serious reprimand from the state government.

 Worried by the renewed attacks by Bandits in recent times in parts of Kaduna and some other states of the Federation  where Clergymen,  particular,  Catholic priests  have been their major  targets, aimed’’ creating  chaos and disorder in the country, the Katksina tate born Nigerian President and Commander –In-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces has vowed that  his Administration  will use all the available resources to ‘’crush  these enemies  of humanity’’.

The Nigerian President was said to have made it clear made it   to the security Chiefs that he will not give them a breather ‘unless and until the country find a very effective  solution  to this disturbing  security situation’’.

As a prelude to giving a final death blow on the Bandits operating in the north  west region the north central state sate of Niger including the north east states Borno and Yobe , based Islamic Fundamentalist Group, BokoHaram, and the Islamic State of West African Province, ISWAP, ISWAP  ,   the National Security Council , NSC, appears to have come close to crippling the terrorists  as ‘’it is considering  a nationwide ban  on motorbikes  and mining activities  across the country  which analysts said   would heck all  the loopholes being exploited by the criminal elements to launch attack on communities  and cut off their source of funding’’.

Malami: Minister Of Justice And Attorney General Of The Federation

Abubakar Malami, minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation  had told those that cares to listen  that ‘’investigations are still ongoing  to establish  the correlation  between motorbikes and mining  activities  in Zamfara, particular, which many suspect ‘’provide  funding  for the supply of arms to the terrorists’’.The minister had said that the ban on the use of motorbikes across the country has become imperative  in order ‘’to guarantee the nation’s security.

Rauf Aregbesola, a former governor of Osun state and now minister of Interior  may have gladdened of Nigerians when he  revealed that  Buhari  had received  a report  on the preliminary Investigations on the Kuje Custodial Centre attack by alleged ISWAP fighters and  opened the cells for 69 BokoHaram and  other prisoners to escape unhurt.  

Aregbesola who could not hide his feelings  had said  that  ‘’the attack on the Kuje prison, located in the outskirts of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, succeeded due to the fact that ‘there was no will to act’’. He may have alluded to the security operatives.

DCP Kyari: Says He Has Opportunity To Escape When Terrorists Invaded Kuje Prison

Abba Kyari,  a suspended Deputy Commissioner of Police  in detention in  the Kuje prison over alleged complicity in money laundering and allegation of  offering  $61,000 bribeat the Murtala Muhammed International Airpot to Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agents , NDLEA, officials to allow a cient’s Narcotics exit the airport  had said that he could have escaped  with other members of  the Police  Intelligence  Response Team, in the Kuje prison   because’’ the terrorists had ‘’opened  all the gates  and forced all inmates to escape but they declined to flee’’.  


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