2023: Criticisms Trail Tinubu’s Muslim –Muslim Ticket, As Zulum And Gandunje Support Him

By Lateef Adegbite

Those who think that all is well with the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, over Ahmed Bola Tinubu, a Muslim , by religion, and  former governor of Lagos state choice of  Kashim Shettima, a Kanuri and also a Muslim by Faith and one-time governor of the north east state of Borno, home of the Islamic Fundamentalist Group, BokoHaram and Islamic State of West African Province, ISWAP,  need to do a rethink.

 This is because the choice of the former Borno state governor and Senator of Federal Republic of Nigeria appears to have contined to attract criticism both within and outside the party   . Babachair Lawal, a former Secretary to the Government of the Federal, under the incumbent President Muhammadu  Buhari’s Administration  in his first term in office, and who had picked the n100 million  APC Presidential nomination Forms for the  former governor of Lagos state to contest the party primaries  had  described the APC Muslim –Muslim ticket as dead on arrival. His worry was that the APC Presidential Flag bearer has been ‘’cornered by self-serving, hero worshipping , lspdogs’’.

Babachair: Former Secretary To The Government Of The Federation Lambasts Tinubu’s Muslim-Muslim Ticket

The APC national Leader who had picked the party Presidential ticket, according to informed sources  may have been influenced  by the northern governors  and some Muslim elites   to pick a fellow Muslim as  Vice Presidential Candidate if he expects to win landslide in the region . He was said ‘’to have agreed with them. Even the APC Presidential Candidate had alluded to this that he was under pressure to choose a Muslim running mate to win their votes in the 112023 general elections and not a Christian.

Babachair, a former Secretary of the Federation,  may have made the Lagos state born politician  and god father of the south west APC, politicians, that’’ if he thinks  a Muslim-Muslim ticket  will win him the norther Muslim votes, h should have a rethink’’.  He was aid to have made Tinubu, the Jagaban of Lagos to understand,  that he northern  Muslims  will massively  vote for  one of their sons because it is their nature to do so’’. 

He had said that the northern Muslims had voted for President Muhammadu BUhari, in 2015 and 2019, as one of there son and would will vote for Atiku Abubakar, a former Vice President , during Olusegun Obsanjo’s Administraton and now Presidential Candidate of the Opposition People’s Democratic Party, PDP, as Buhari  will  not be in the 2023 Ballot Box list. His message was very clear that APC, will lose the 2023, Presidential election.

Describing Tinubu as  a very’’ good man,  great listener, generous in cash and kind’’, he noted that ‘’it is in the nature of power  that sycophants  and Lapdogs  have the most  influence  on Leaders  with such character traits’’, noting that ‘’they will lie to him, malign  and disparage others and generally do anything  to curry his favour and to also  put well-meaning associates in bad light’’.  I expect his is what may have happened  to my political ally and friend , Tinubu, he remarked.

Babachair, had said that  Tinubu has been left stranded in strategic planning, valuation , principles and ideologies because  his godons,  Rauf Aregbesola, a former governor of Osun state and minister of Interior, Babatunde Fasola, a former governor of Lagos state and minister of Works and Housing,  Kayode Fayemi, governor of Ekiti state and Chairman of Nigerian Governors Forum, and one of the Presidential Candidates of the APC, during the party primaries who stepped down for him including Muiz Banire and Dele Alake  who tell truth to power have since grown-up  and moved up to establish their own systems’’, leaving him with sycophants.

Babachair, could not spare Shettima,  described as an ‘’ambitious  man  who  has a Machiavellian look  and has lots of money  with which to procure any preferred status  among Tinubu’s Lapdogs’’. An aggrieved Babachair, who could not hide his feelings had said that  that ‘’it appears  that the gods want  to destroy  the APC,  and its Presidential Candidate for the 203, general elections, who have chosen  the instrumentality  of the northern   moslim governors  and their  super ambitious tool and  one Kashim Ibrahim for the purpose’’.  ‘’ Shettima,  is a ‘’Greek gift from the northern governor to Tinubu’’, he insists.

The prediction by Babachair, the APC, Muslim-Muslim  Presidential ticket for the 2023, general elections would spell doom in the party may have started manifesting as  Daniel Bwala, a Layer and Chieftain of the party, has dumped it . Although , he had said the decision to quit from the APC ,  was based on ‘’principle and conviction’, but political analysts said it was not unconnected to Tinubu, unveiling of Shettima, a Muslim, as his Vice Presidential running mate at the instance of the northern governors on Sunday, July 10, 2022.

Shettima: Former Governor of Borno State And APC, VP, Candidate

He may have alluded to the party Muslim –Muslim ticket for his  resignation from the APC , when he said  that ‘’at this  time  of our national existence , our efforts  and energy  should gravitate  towards uniting the our people instead of them baed on religion’’. Bwala, the APC Chieftain, had said that the choice of Shettima, the former Borno stae governor as Tinubu’s running mate was not ‘’good news for the party’’.

He noted that the ruling APC had chosen ‘’politics over unity and ignored the values inclusivity, tolerance,  common  prosperity  and diversity’’. He averred that northern Muslims would have for Vice President   Candidate on the APC ticket who is a northern Christian.

Pa Adebanjo: Says Tinubu And Buhari Do Not Love Nigeria

Reacting to APC, Muslim-Muslim, ticket, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, Leader of Afenifere, a Yoruba, Socio-political Organisation, had said that he was not surprised at Tinubu’s decision to pick a northern Muslim as his running mate to satisfy the whims and caprices of the northern governors and the power brokers from the region to win their votes in the 2023, general elections. He recalled that Tinubu  had sold  to the Katsina state born Nigerian President  to 200 million in 2015 and 2019, adding that he would not want ‘’to give continuity to incompetence  in 2023’’.  He noted that he Buhari to over 200 million Nigerians for his own selfish interest of wanting to rule after Buhari  Buhari in 2023. ‘’None of them loves Nigeria’’, he said.

Edwin Clark, Leader  of the southerner and Middle Belt Forum,  who had given his words to vote for the APC, if Presidency  is zoned to the south east geo-political region. It was not surprising why he had withdrawn  his support  for the APC. 

Despite the criticisms and internal crisis that may have rocked the APC, at the states and Federal Levels because of Tinubu’s choice of a fellow Muslim as running mate for the 2023, general elections, Babagana Zulum, a Prof. and governor of Borno state and his Counterpart in Kano state, Abdullahi Gandunje including Festus Keyamo, a Legal luminary, may not have seen anything wrong with the chice . The trio had seen Tinubu’s selection of Senator Shettima, as the APC, Vice Presidential Candidate as the wisest choice by the party.

Prof. Zulum: Choice Of Shettima As Tinubu’s Running Mate A Wise Decision

Governors, Zulum and Gandunje, particular, have pledged ‘’to vigorously campaign for  the APC Flag bearer  to weep  the 2023 general elections across  the country’’.  Zulum, the Borno state governor had said that Nigerians need not worry about the APC Muslim –Muslim ticket as it will not in any way alter the political structure of Nigeria.  He stops at saying that Shettima has a perfect understanding of the Nigerian economy. He may not have stopped there as he said the APC  VP, Candidate , knows  ‘’the social, cultural,  religious  economic structure  and political structure of virtually  all the states of the Federation and Abuja , the Federal Capital  Territory, FCT, to join hands with Tinubu to develop the country, if  elected in the forthcoming 2023, general elections .

Many believe that the rising popularity of Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra state , and Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, LP,  and his running mate, Senator Datti Baba-Ahmed, described as  well-equipped , to rule Nigeria, appears, to be giving the APC  and the PDP, Presidential Candidates much worry.   

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