Igboho Loyalists Storm Lagos, To Hold Odua Nation Rally, Amidst Tight Security

By Lateef Adegbite

In spite of the heavy presence of Security operatives including Department of Security Service, DSS, personnel, at the Gnai Fawehinmi Freedom park, Lagos, to forestall  Sunday Adeyemo,  popular, Igboho, Champion of the Odua nation,  and his followers  from holding the planned rally on Saturday, July, 3, 2021, the rally  did hold, without any chaos.

As a prelude to ensuring that the rally did not hold, a joint security team, including the DSS personnel had attacked the Odua nation Campainer’s house in Ibadam, the Oyo state Capital on Thursday, July 1, 2021, killing three persons and apprehended 13 others . The security operatives who were said to have raided  the Yoruba activist’s house  with a mandate to  capture him alive  in order to face trial for Championing the disintegration of Nigeria.

The activist may have had a premonition of the panned attack in his house which was said to be about some minutes- drive  from a police  station within the neighbourhood that he was said to have disappeared before the arrival of the heavily armed  joint security team, who were said to have turned the house upside down in search of him.

 Unknown to Usman Alkali baba, the Inspector General of Police, IPC, and  Hakeen Odumosu,  the Commissioner of Police and the Director of the DSS, in Lagos, Igboho, who is at the forefront for the actualization of the Odua nation, had prepared the ground for the rally to hold in Lagos, with or without him. The attack in his house  at Ibadan  may have encouraged  his followers  who were determined to did it out with the security operatives fire for fire if they dare stop them to storm the rally ground.

Odumosu, the Lagos state, CP, may have known that any attempt to use force to stop the rally will backfire that he had controlled the situation  to avoid a repeat of   the 202o  END SARS crisis that led to massive destruction  of public and private property.

Security Operatives Deployed At The Odua Nation Rally In Lagos

He had told those that cares to listen that  the heavy presence  of security  operatives  at the venue of the Odua nation rally in Lagos,  the nation’s Commercial nerve centre, , was basically  ‘’to ensure  that the rally was not hijacked by  hoodlums to cause mayhem. Addressing Journalists at the Odua nation rally ground, the CP, who could not hide his feelings had said that the joint security team, were deployed to the venue ‘’’to maintain law and order’’.  Hear him: We were just being security conscious and proactive.

According to him, some street urchins  had perfected plans to take advantage of the Igboho  organized Odua nation  Freedom rally  to cause mayhem in the society and which had to be nipped on the bud before it degenerate into full blown protest that may lead to loss of lives and property.  

Igboho, may be laughing in his hideout that  despite the threat to his life  by security operatives and a Statement by the Lagos state Police Command, warning the organizers  of the Yoruba nation  rally  ‘’to stay clear of Lagos  for the for the interest of the state  and the general public’’, stressing that ’’anyone caught  participating  or facilitating  the  protest will be dealt with the armbits of the Law’’.

Odumosu: Lagos State CP

Many believe that the security operatives may have been disarmed to fire tear gas at the crowd when information filtered out that igboho the arrow head of the rally  and the  major target at the   was nowhere to be found.

  The crowd, who were  very peaceful in their conduct, were said to be chanting different songs  meant for freedom fighters  like those in Soweto  during the dark day of the Apartheid regime in South Africa. They were said to have also flown the Flags of the Odua nation.

 Giving reasons for the agitation for the Odua nation, a participant at the rally told The Value News that ‘’ Nigeria is bleeding’’ and therefore they needed an separate nation for the Yoruba race that could guarantee the safety  of lives and property.  The activist insists that’’ the Yoruba ethnic Group are suffering and have been marginalized by past and present Nigerian governments.  Note that the Igboho, who had master-minded the Odua nation rally had already taken the message of Freedom to other south west sates, winning support of the people, both within and outside the country.   

 Recall that the DSS, personnel in Ibadan, had had asked him to surrender himself after the attack in his house or they would track him down’’. Informed sources  told The Magazine that the security operatives have not relented in hunting for him despite the fact the rally was peaceful in Lagos and are determined to get him.

 They have gone back to the drawing board in order to adopt the same strategy used in capturing Nnamdi Kanu, the Indigenous People of Biafra,IPOB, Leader, outside the shores of Nigeria. They may have to watch it, as the Yoruba nation Campaigner had attracted a lot of local and International symphatisers because of the recent attack in his house by the security operatives to avoid turning the table against the Nigerian government.    

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