Insecurity: Bandits Attack Of NDA Politically Motivated or To Embarrass Buhari

 By Lateef Adegbite

 The last may not hhad been heard about the Bandits attack of the Nigerian Nigerian Defence Aademy, NDA, on Tuesday, ugust 24, 2921,  despite the tight security  in the  military facility  n Kaduna.   Garba DShehu, senior Special Assistant to Prsident Muhammadu Buhari, a retired Army  General, on Media and Publicity, may have spoken the mind of the Katsina state born Nigerian President when he said  that ‘’the Bandits attack might have been politically motivated by those opposed to the retired Army General ‘’to embarrass him’’.

  Appearing on Channels Television, monitored by the Value News on Wednesday, August 25, 2021,  he  disclosed  that  ‘’so may  scenarios  are being created why this Criminal act was carried  out to isolate the sanctity of the military institution ‘’. He was forced to ask whether ‘’it is an opportunistic crime?

Given an insider information on how the Bandits found their way into the  Academy  despite the tight security, he had shocked Nigerians when he declared that ‘’ they came in  in a vehicle and  passed through the exit security gate   , disguised in military uniforms, after which they proceeded  to the officers quarters’’ to wreak havoc.   Note that two officers were killed during the Bandits invasion of the NDA and another officer whose whereabouts remains unknown abducted.

Gen. Irabor: CDS

Acting on the instruction of  Lucky Irabor, An Army General and Chief of Defence Staff, CDS, who was on ground to carry out on the spot assessment of  the  of the attack  on the military Institution by the alleged Bandits, was said o to have been briefed by  Major General I.M. Yusuf , the NDA Commandant who was at the scene  of the incident.

According to him the marauders who had attacked the Academy had escaped through the  breaching barbwire  fence    along the Kaduna International Airport  Road   in Afaka Community which is surrounded  by  forest.  Tis may have informed why the troops and other security operatives in Kaduna state  have intensified the manhunt for the abducted soldier  in the surrounding forest to rescue him.

. The question on the lips of most people was “why the officers at the Academy exit gate failed to stop the vehicle approaching the gate for routine checks before allowing them to drive in.  Security analysts believe hat that it may have given them the opportunity to know whether they are Nigerian soldiers, Cadets  or not  in order know their purpose in the Academy .There inability to put on their intelligence garb sin the completely security environment speaks volume.

Bandits Infltration of NDA, Kaduna, Disguised

This may have informed  why Kunle Olawunmi, a retired Commodore, who had been in the news in the recent time had said that the Bandits could not have found their way into the Academy , let alone attack, kill and abduct an officer  without’’ the help of an insider Collaborations’’.  He noted that during his 35 years in the service he had’’ handled cases of such nature. He allude to the fact in certain cases  at least 60% o  were’’ sell-outs  by conniving with the enemy’’.  

Hear him: We must Compromise somebody either through blackmail or through incentives,  give money or try to indoctrinate that  person  to pave the way for them to have an easy passage  to launch their attack and go. He believes that this may  have been what happened while drawing a parallel  between an element of surprise  as used by the military  and the brazing assault of NDA  by those Bandits, he has described as terrorists because of their style  of operation which is very revealing.  

 Cpmmodore Olawunmi, who was a former Commandant of the Defence Intelligence  College, may have given a clue to the military Authorities on how to go about their investigation by stating the attack at the NDA Academy  may not have been carried out by the north west based Bandits  but by the late Abubakar Shekau led BokoHaram fighters and or the Al-Barnawi, led the Islamic State of West African Province, ISWAP, who were said to have been sighted  in the Camp of the Bandits at the Kaduna forest at different occasions. This is why the military must look beyond the Bandits in their investigation to get to the root of the matter.

The Nigerian President who is sad over the Bandits   attack  at the  NDA,  had told those cares to listen that  , that it would not in any way dampen  the morale  of the military  but rather buoy  then  to end the criminal activities in the north east, north west and other parts of the country.   

Femi Adesina, Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity  who had issued a Statement  at the instance of the retired Army General , had said that  ‘’ the attack at NDA, by the Bandits which led to the death of two officers , clearly shows  that  ‘’the Insurgents, Bandits, Kidnappers  and other Criminals are on the retreat’’.   Already, the aggrieved retired Army General  has assured Nigerians  that  the death of the of ‘’the NDA  officers would never be in vain’’, noting that ‘’the degenerate act would have consequence s that will  eventually clean  the country  of vermin and emancipate  the polity  from deliberate , targeted  and contrived  atrocious acts’’.

But that may not stopped the Bandits   from carry out their attacks in the north west states of Zamfara, Kaduna and Kattsina, particular,  including the north central state of Niger, or the Insurgents  launching attacks in the north east states of Borno and Yobe.

. On Wedsday, August 25, 2021, some suspected BokoHaram Insurgents who had targeted  the Babangida military base, which is about  50 Km from Dapchi, where 110 students  of the Government Girls Science  and Technical  College were kidnapped in 2018 in Yobe state were said to have been repelled  by the Operation Hadin Kai troops. The troops were said to have recovered a Toyota Van from the attackers .

Insurgents Attack Of Babangida Town In Yobe State

 A soldier was  confirmed killed when the Insurgents stormed the  Babangida, Headquarters of  Tarmuwa  Local Government  Area of the north  eastern state. An eyewitness account said the Insurgents had arrived the Yobe Town with three Toyota Vans and drove straight to the military base which was their target.

 The Operation Hadin Kai troops who had responded to the villagers distress call when they noticed the strange faces  around he Babangida military base axis, were said to have moved in immediately. The two parties were  said to have engaged in a g  forcing the people to escape into the nearby bush for  fear of being killed in the cross fire. The Insurgents were forced to flee when they could could no longer stand the superior fire of the Nigerian troops. The intensified attack of the Insurgents in Borno and Yobe states may have encouraged Ali Ndume, a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigerian and Chairman, Senate Commmitee on Army to plead with the Nigerian President to withdraw the blanket amnesty granted the Insurgents.  Although, Babagana  Zulum,  a Professor and governor of Borno state, at a closed door meeting with the Buhari, at the Presidential Villa, last Tuesday had him not to bow to bow to pressure to reject the repentant Insurgents, to avoid prolongin the  war in the region.  Whether the Nigerian President would cue to his advice remains to be seen,.       

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