Mobile Banking: UBA Takes The Lead For Other Banks To Follow

Stephen Ubanna

 The United Bank For Africa, UBA plc, dubbed Pan African Bank, appears to have taken the lead in digital banking technology for other Banks operatingin Nigeria and the African Continent to follow. This is because  the Pan African  bank, described in financial  circles as  the leading  Financial Institution  in country and the 20 countries in the African Continent where it has operating branches  that had been noted in ‘’offering  the best of the banking services  to its more than the  21 million of its reliable   Customers  all over the world and have not relented in doing so over the years.

Kennedy Uzoka, the Group Managing Director of the Bank, may have rubbed off on his creativity to the staff and Management of the Bank, that they are all  carrying on with it to maintain the bank leadership role in the Continent . This had put the bank in a better position to compete  with the established world –Class  Banks in the North American country of the United States, US, United Kingdom, UK, Europe and the Asian countries of China, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

Uzoka” Group Managing Director: UBA

As the leading bank in the African Continent, that had been able  to connect people and their businesses through retail , commercial and Corporate banking, innovative cross-border payments and remittances, trade finance and ancillary banking  services, the bank hand remained very creative to meet the demands of its Customers in this digital age of banking.

 Kayode Ishiola, the  bank Group Head of Digital Banking, and  other officials of the Department may have taken advantage of the, Asian country of China  emerged  coronavirus, popular, COVID 19, to come up with a more effective and secure new e-banking  application ‘’ aimed at delivering first  rate banking services to the 21 millions Customers in Nigeria and other parts of the world which insiders  said  had reached advanced stage  and set to be pushed into the market.  

Giving an insider information of the new UBA mobile banking application, an elated Ishola had  said that ‘’it has  lots of benefits to users as it had been designed with distinct features that could give the bank Customers increased control and accessibility  to carry out transactions with ease’’.

 He has told those that cares to listen  that apart from  being able to decide  where they want their cards to operate and block, view or request new cards   straight  from the application to suit  their specific needs, ‘’it has been tailor-made  to give Customers what they want, how and in the way they want it’’.

 The UBA,  Group Head, Digital Banking, who could not hide his feelings had  said that ‘’a lot of investment had gone into  the cutting edge  technology  and attention  to details ’’.  Not only was the UBA new  internet banking platform  now more secure  than ever but The Value News  was informed that  it helps the users to plan  their expenses better by automating a host of services which they perform on a monthly basis. The good news about the UBA   new mobile application, The Magazine was told was that the user  can now register himself  using his debit card.

The UBA, digital technological  experts may have thrown a challenge to the digital experts in First Bank Nig. Plc, Gurantee Trust Bank, popular, GTB, Zenith, Access/Diamond  Bank,  other banks operating in the country  and the African Continent in general. Recall that ishiola, the UBA, Group Head of Digital Banking  had said that the new mobile application is a personal  finance manager built with  a distinctive  user interface that will change the face of banking in the African Continent’’, an indication that they were innovative and had the backing of the  management.  

He had said  that with the new mobile application, the bank officials  are  reimagining banking in Africa  ‘’as their engagement had moved from  being channel-based to Platform- based’’. He may have gladdened the heart of Customers when he said that the speed of the new UBA e-banking Platform   had been made in such a way that it could match the  speed  of light  as  they have succeeded in cutting down  significantly on the number  of processes expected to carry out  their transactions.

In designing the new UBA mobile application, which may be launched any time soon, the UBA, digital Banking Group Head  had said that they did everything within their capacity towards creating  a behavioural  insight  for Customers and working around  this to address  the real needs   of the bank Customers  using the Omni channel Platform and running  on its digital Platform, which financial analysts had described as very interactive and armed with lifestyle services. Hear him: It is sleek and trendy with seamless user interface.

Aneke: Group Head: SME Banking, UBA

Sampson Aneke, the  Bank’s Group Head, SME Banking, may have taken advantage of the bank’s plan to change the face of its original banking services with its new mobile banking application to speak out last Monday. He had  revealed  that  in spite of the fact  that the new UBA  mobile application  had been created   ‘’ with a journey,  that had a  high-level  of intelligence-as it can  work for the SMEs based  on their frequent  transactions,  it could speak in the language of the specific  country  where  it as being  used as  the new mobile  application.

  According to Aneke, , the UBA  new mobile application, is currently  running  concurrently  in  the 20 African  countries  that  the banks have  operating  branches  in their different  languages and cultures in line  with the specific needs and regulation  of the country in focus.

Speaking on the security features of the  new mobile application,  Onyebuchi  Akosa,  the UBA’s Group Chief Information officer,  had said’’ it is best in Class’’, stating that the new application  will revolunalise the way banking  services are offered  in Nigerian and the African Continent, adding  that it would also deliver  increased  personalised  banking to the Customer   through’’ a watertight  and highly-effective security system’’.

Akosa disclosed that  the new  UBA mobile application,  had been built  with the best  in-purchase  security features and has been modelled  appropriately  to ensure  that all  the features are working  properly   to secure their  transactions maximally.’

 The bank may have taken into consideration   the virtually impaired in creating the new mobile application,  and  had used  the voice  recognition  also   as a  channel for transactions which, many believe  ‘’suits both Convenience   and visually  impaired Customers’’.              

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