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The Nigerian Ports Authority , NPA Management tEMA, led Mohammed Bello Koko, its Managing Director, recently Toured the south eastern ports including Warri port, in Delta state, which have been underutilised ove the years to see things for themselves in order to to make the regional ports more attractive to shippers.

Koko, the NPA Chief Executive Officer, CEO, was said to have assured stakeholder during the tour of the Warri port of better day s ahead. The fact finding mission, according Ibrahim Nasir, General Manager, Corporate and Strategic Communications was basically ”to assess the port in terms of it knowing the strength and weaknesses of the port in accomodating big ocean-going vessels towards boosting the port efficiency, productivity and revenue generation for the government. The Visit to Warri port was said to have take the Team , led by Koko, the NPA, Managing Director , to the Palace of His Royal Majesty , Ogiame Atuwatse III, for royal blessing.

An insider told The Value News that he NPA, Management after the tour of the south east ports comprising of Warri, Rivers and Onnee , have gone back to the drawing back to the drawing board to design a framework to revive the ports to attract ocean going vessels instaed of all the Nigerian vessels calling at the Lagos ports of Apapa, Tincan Island, Port, particular.

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1.Managing Director of Nigerian ports Authority, NPA, Mohammed Bello Koko, 5th left, is Royal Majesty , Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwatse III,7th Left, Executive Director , Technical Services, Prof. Idris Abubakar, 4th right, Senior Officer of NPA and Chiefs of the Warri Kingdom during the Vist tothe Olu of Warri.

2.Managing Director Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, Mohammed Bello Koko and senior officers of NPA during the tour of Warri port

3. NPA Managing Director and His Management Team Tours Warri port


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